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New Features:
Power Rangers Skin Pack
Xbox Live and Realms support on Apple TV
More commands (/title, /stopsound, /playsound, /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /me, /replaceitem, /spreadplayers, /testfor, /gamerule)
Command blocks
Minecart with command block
Game rules
Magnifying glass no longer appears over entered text in the Storage manager
Jump range of magma cubes fixed to correct value
Lapis lazuli icon now in enchanting tables
Accuracy of fireball shots from ghasts is now correct
Bug Fixes:
Finally fixed the villagers & peaceful mobs despawning randomly bug!
Mobs moving between chunk borders no longer despawn when a crash occurs
When a player's position shifts when reloading a world, players will no longer get trapped & suffocate inside blocks
Fixed a crash that could happen when a command with targets was executed
Fixed a crash when trying to share a file after selecting cancel when trying to share previously
The share button for a single item now appears in the Storage menu
Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when a player deleted content through the Storage manager
The Original Music Pack once again can be downloaded on Gear VR (Gear VR only)
Fixed various issues with Storage
Pots are now getting the correct color for tinted plants placed in them
Fixed another bug that made chat messages appear twice in game chat
When the fill command is used to place blocks and then immediately destroy them, "phantom" blocks no longer appear
Help command now displays command description
Global resource packs should no longer be deactivated when creating a new world or relaunching the game (Android & Fire only)
Fixed a crash which happened when loading some worlds
Hostile mob spawning rules no longer ignore the Y coordinate
Fixed a crash that happened sometimes when a player incorrectly used the /kill command
Plants no longer stay in a player's inventory after being placed in a flower pot
Endermen again have idle sounds
The beacon's position is now correct when held in a player's hand
End_portal is now listed as a valid block for the /fill command
Toast notifications for Xbox Live invites should now appear (iOS only)
Clients can no longer change world settings when far away from the host
Slash commands now execute correctly even if the cursor is not at the end of the line
Rails, beds, and cocoa no longer leave behind "ghost" items when using the /fill command
Controller now works for scrolling on Apple TV (Apple TV only)
Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting the Choose New Skin button (Gear VR only)
Enchanted books again generate properly according to loot tables in dungeons/temples
Fixed packs sometimes being deleted after importing
Undead mobs again have their proper walking sounds
Fixed a crash on Realms when changing difficulty
Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when a mob died
Villagers no longer pick up your items when you die
Mobs spawned with eggs will no longer get stuck inside blocks
Players can no longer enter blocks and suffocate after swimming with Elytra
The touch screen will no longer get stuck continuing to drop items from the first hotbar slot
Fixed a crash relating to structures when updating a world from 1.0.3
Chat will no longer flicker when the touch keyboard is opened
Villagers will no longer throw bread like they were baseball pitchers
When copying an Item with [CTRL]+[MMB], an additional copy will now be placed in the hotbar
Canceling the download of a Resource Pack will now allow for re-downloading the pack
Passing through an Activator Rail will no longer eject the player on top of Rails
Many commands now show better result messages when executed
Using 0 as [maxCount] in the /clear command now gives the item count instead of removing it
Fixed the spawn time of Mob Spawners to be randomized instead of constant
Mob Spawners will no longer always spawn the maximum number of mobs
Items can no longer be duplicated using item frames
Chorus plants will now play the proper sound when they grow
Maps zoomed out on an anvil now work the same for all players


見知らぬ人々スキン パック - バイオーム入植者 3

 + Tommo
 + 村人は、村から遠く離れても不安にならなくなりました。
 + エリトラを使用した際にクラッシュする問題を修正しました
 + 実績の"ダイアモンド!"と"ボディー ガード"がサバイバル
 + 世界を再読み込みしたときにモブが柵の外に出てしまう問題を修正しました

New Features:
Added Villager Trading!
Added Strangers Skin Pack
Music, sounds, and user interface can now be modified using Add-Ons
Added the Storage screen in Settings to manage worlds, resource packs, and behavior packs
New Add-On format: All of your old Add-Ons will automatically update to the new format. You may see warnings on those Add-Ons but they will be fully functional
The models for the Shulker and Ender Dragon can now be edited using Add-Ons
Husks are now a little bit taller than Zombies
Baby Villagers now have adorable, larger-sized heads
Addition of CDN for downloading optional content, reducing game file sizes
Added low render distance options for older devices
Bug Fixes:
Clicks are now registered when quickly right-clicking items in the inventory
Field of View will now increase properly when sprinting and Field of View is set to max in the settings
Ghasts will no longer spawn in tiny spaces
Fixed the placement of health and armor on the HUD
Fixed a drop in performance when holding a Map
Reloading a world will no longer turn thunder and rain into just rain
Fixed an issue where Villagers would no longer breed
Donkeys once again spawn in the Plains biome
Fixed infinitely burning fires that would cause gradual slowdown and spread more often
Fixed an issue where players could not sleep through the night if there were players in another dimension
Items that must be placed on blocks (e.g. Rails and Torches) can now be properly placed on top Slabs
The Nether Star can no longer be destroyed by explosions
Fixed chunks that can't be refreshed completely when the client receives new chunk data
Capes will no longer appear when wearing Elytra
Fixed the End Gateway in The End regenerating repeatedly
"The End… Again…" achievement will now unlock properly
Villagers will no longer wander too far away from their Village
Villagers spawned using the /summon command will no longer just spawn as Farmers
Fixed items sticking around in Item Frames after being destroyed
"DIAMONDS!" and "Body Guard" achievements will now properly unlock in Survival mode
Fixed dying twice when hit with two different sources of damage
Fixed medium/large-sized Slimes and Magma Cubes not having jumping or landing sounds
Fixed the hitbox on Stone and Wooden Buttons so they can no longer be stepped on by players and other mobs
Chiseled and Smooth sandstone now have the correct bottom textures
Zombie Villagers of different variants now keep their professions when importing a world from 0.15.9 or earlier
Destroying a painting no longer destroys the block behind it
Mobs should really no longer walk in circles if they spawn or walk on a block made from two slabs
Lava will no longer leak out of a Blacksmith's house
Fixed a crash that was caused by Ocean Monuments and Nether Bridges generating
Fixed a crash when a player changes dimension and there are other nearby players
Fixed the positioning of mobs that are sitting on other mobs
Ridden mobs (e.g. Spider Jockeys) can now be pulled into Minecarts
Spider Jockeys will now properly spawn with Strays or Wither Skeletons if the conditions are correct
Fixed mobs going out of fences when reloading a world
Villagers will now run slower when attacked
Fixed the message that appears after flying into a wall with Elytra
Fixed several texture issues in the Candy Texture Pack
Fixed a crash when importing a file into the game (iOS only)
Players who receive more than one stack with the /give command now see the correct number of items received in the chat
Fixed rotated item texture on dropped Anvils
Shulkers placed upside down will no longer appear unattached from the block they're placed on
Fixed a crash when exiting a game session
Arrows will no longer turn black after hitting opaque blocks
Fixed crashes when launching a world with Behavior Packs and Resource Packs that had errors in the pack manifests
Achievements will no longer unlock in Survival if Behavior Packs are used
Chorus Plants will now fully break above the part that it was broken
The game no longer needs to be restarted before a shader pack is applied
If there is a problem with an Add-On's manifest when imported, the warning message will now appear properly
The host will no longer crash when another player accepts a resource pack while joining a game
Resource packs are no longer duplicated when a dependent resource pack is added before a behavior pack
Fixed Gear VR worlds and Android worlds not showing up in each other's world list
Fixed a crash when using Elytra
Villagers will no longer do farming work if they're not a farmer
Villagers are less greedy and will no longer immediately pick up items thrown at them
Villagers are even less greedy and will now throw food for other Villagers
Fixed a crash when importing a duplicate resource and behavior packs
Middle mouse clicking on a leaf block will always give you the right type of leaf now
Various texture fixes
Armor will render properly in worlds that no longer have resource packs applied


本アップデートには、甘いもの好きの人も満足の新しいキャンディー テクスチャ
 + オランダ語へのサポートを追加しました。
 + フレンドでない Realms メンバーが表示されない問題を修正しました。
 + プレイヤーが退出した際に Realms がクラッシュする問題を修正しました。
 + プレイヤーが突然変異したバイオームに侵入した際にサーバーがクラッシュする問題を修正しました。
 + 一部のレッドストーン アイテムによってゲームが進行不可能になる問題を修正しました。
 + モバイル デバイス上でテクスチャが乱れる原因となっていた複数のバグを修正しました。
New Features:
Added Candy texture pack
Added Dutch localization
Fixed some spacing when truncating bolded text
Tweaked spawn point selection to be “smarter” (e.g. avoid lava)
Tweaked the textures of flower/mushroom blocks
Assorted texture fixes
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a crash when a server/Realm would first start
Fixed an issue causing servers to blink between online and offline status
Fixed a Realms crash when a player exits
Fixed a crash when using some items
Fixed a server crash when a player entered a mutated biome
Fixed an issue that caused pressure plates, buttons, and other Redstone items to become stuck
Fixed an issue with hoppers not ticking the proper order
Fixed an issue when destroying a door
Fixed an issue with item duplication
Fixed an issue allowing a player to incorrectly obtain End Gateway blocks
Observer block's arrows should now point in the direction of power
Observer blocks will no longer be placed upside-down
Fixed an issue where realms members that were not your friends were not being displayed
Bats should spawn more often!
Fixed an issue with End Gateway textures on mobile devices
Fixed an issue where buttons & other Redstone devices could get locked when a Redstone Lamp activated
Fixed some rendering geometry which created weird results


Bug Fixes:
Endermites will now attack from 8 blocks away
The "/locate" command will now work for Strongholds
Fixed an issue with Lingering Potions not being able to be poured into or scooped out of Cauldrons
Horses can once again climb up blocks in every direction
Using Lingering Potions to craft Tipped Arrows now creates the correct Tipped Arrow
Fixed a crash when attempting to download music (Android only)
The Achievements screen layout will now display properly (Fire TV only)
Fixed a rare crash that could happen if a large chest changed size as someone else was opening it
The Enderman will no longer teleport after death
Skeletons and Strays will now deal damage based on difficulty level
Skeletons and Strays will now avoid Wolves
Fixed an issue when touch controls would suddenly look down
Fixed a crash when spawning a Villager using an egg and wearing enchanted armor
Projectiles now work properly in multiplayer games
Item frames can no longer be used to duplicate items
Mobs will no longer become invulnerable when hit with an invisibility potion
Players will no longer fall when re-entering a game after using Elytra
Fixed a crash when dyeing Sheep on Realms
Fixed losing an empty bucket when milking a cow in multiplayer
Skull projectiles can now be deflected back at the Wither
The Wither will now face the player it has targeted
Fixed missing End Crystals in some imported worlds
Fixed the time it takes for chickens to lay eggs
Mobs can no longer be hit after they die
Fixed an issue when '.mctemplate' and '.mcaddon' files were not associated with Minecraft during import (iOS only)


果ての世界にはエンダー ドラゴン、果ての都会、果ての船、新しいシュルカー モブ、プルプァ、コーラス植物、待望の虫の羽根のグライダーが含まれます
新たなホリデー マッシュアップ パックは、このエディションに最初に登場するマッシュアップです。ホリデー スキン パック、テクスチャ パック、ホリデー世界が含まれます
高さが倍に! 256 個の高さまでブロックを積めるようになりました
VR が Oculus Touch コントローラーに対応
New Features:
Holiday Mash-Up Pack!
The End & everything that comes with The End!
In-game changelogs
256 world height!
...and much more if you see the changelogs below

Too many to mention here without this becoming the longest changelog in existence. ;) Please see these changelogs:
MCPE Android Beta - 1.0 build 1~6


カートゥーン テクスチャ パック
New Features:
Cartoon texture pack!
Tweaked the Elder Guardian debuff attack visuals.
Fixed the black tearing effect along the waterline when a submerged player tilts. (VR only)
Various minor fixes to mobs whose attributes weren't consistent with previous versions.
Tweaked creeper explosion/detonation so they no longer blow up 5 or more blocks away from the player & is now consistent with other
Various tweaks to skins to prevent them from clipping through armor.
Bug Fixes:
You can again open your inventory while using touch while riding a tamed horse/donkey/mule.
You can again open your inventory while riding a pig/minecart/boat.
Fixed a crash when a cauldron was moved by a piston.
Fixed import/export for worlds with non UTF-8 characters in the path.
Horses can be dismounted while sneaking again.
Clients can now see camera shake from damage.
Guardians again spawn inside Ocean Monuments.
Fishing rods no longer only fire in one direction.
Add-ons no longer appear twice when editing a world that already has that Add-on applied.
Depended upon resource packs are now saved in the world_resource_packs.json file.
Fixed a crash that occurred when a player used the /summon command.
Minecarts with TNT can be detonated by appropriate detonators other than just flint & steel.
Hurt sounds are again played when hurt events occur.
Food items used when feeding ocelots for breeding.
Clouds no longer flicker when fog updates.
Sun, moon & stars draw in front of terrain in immersive VR. (VR only).
The behavior of activator rails is no longer reversed.
A creeper's fuse time no longer resets every time flint & steel is used on it.
Arrows are no longer flipping directions visually when shot from a bow. The similar issue with fishing rods should also be fixed.
Fixed a crash when you respawn.
Game no longer fails to launch when there is an active global texture pack.
Commands beginning with "w" now appear in the auto-complete list when you type "w"
You can now rename a Wither with a nametag (and it no longer crashes your game).
The Wither's health bar no longer disappears when your game unloads and then reloads a chunk where a Wither is.
Enchanted bows again have their extra bonuses.
Fixed a crash on Windows Phone. (Windows Phone only)
Hopper minecarts in older saved game files should work again.
Fixed a crash with item frames & compasses/clocks.
Fixed texture changes on cats, zombie villagers, villagers when loading a world created before 0.16.
Fixed a crash from invalid pack_manifest.json files in an Add-on folder.
Fixed a crash when players closed settings in a game with resource packs active.
Fixed a crash when you attempt to select a custom skin.
"Saddle up" achievement should work again.
Mob spawners should no longer be spawning mobs in properly lit areas.
Wolves should again attack rabbits, skeletons & sheep more frequently.
You can again open a crafting table multiple times on mobile (MCPE only).
Horses no longer lose their equipment when importing a 0.15.9 world.
Fixed a crash caused by fire arrows.


Fixed spacing so there's now enough room for some longer localized text
Bug Fixes:
Fixed a crash caused by some splash potions generated through slash commands
You can now delete a world & save a resource pack if the path has UTF-8 characters
Fixed updating player inventory slots
Fixed Realm crash when placing an item frame
Fixed game crash when renaming a map
Creepers explode when attacked by snow golems now
Fixed inventory slots are now kept in the .mcworld save file (Education Edition only)
Fixed a crash when creating a new world
Fixed crashes caused by fire arrows
Fixed crash on iOS devices when game is resumed


初めてアドオンの導入が始まり、ゲーム内の見た目や行動を変化させることが可能になります。詳細は minecraft.net/addons をご覧ください。そこから一部を無料でお試ししてみることができます。
スラッシュ コマンドを使えば、アイテムをプレゼントしたり、生き物を召喚したり、1 日の時間帯を変更したりと、ゲーム内容を自分好みに変更することができます。
レーザーを放つ、エルダー ガーディアン!
海の要塞とトリンケットで秘密を探ろう。新たなブロック、ビーコン、スラッシュ コマンド。
New Features:
Ocean Monuments
Guardians and Elder Guardians
Prismarine, dark prismarine & prismarine bricks
Prismarine shard & prismarine crystal
Sea lantern
The Wither!
Nether star
Wet & dry sponges
You can now use slash commands (which have auto-complete now) by enabling cheats for a world in the options screen (but this will disable Xbox Live achievements for that world even if you are in survival)
Good news for left-handed players - you can now do custom key binding for keyboard!
You can now search in the Creative inventory
Add-on section for world settings
Search added in creative inventory
You can change game modes in Realms (if you do this in world settings, it will restart the realm but if you individually change a player's game mode through commands, it won't restart the realm)
Ability to upload & download worlds in Realms
Ability to promote players as operators in Realms

Lots of cool, new UI changes!
Performance improvements
Tweaks to various mob action/behavior triggers, including fixing creeper explosions
Elder guardian de-buff visuals fixed (feedback from Android beta)
Fishing rods & arrows will fire in more than just one direction
Lots of tweaks to water textures to make underwater more fun
Tweaks to Realms settings
Visual tweaks to sun, moon & stars when rendering in VR immersive mode

Bug Fixes:
See the following Beta changelogs: https://aka.ms/mc16beta1 & https://aka.ms/mc16beta5
Item durability updates correctly now.
Language subpacks for jp_JP & zh_TW now load correctly.
Mobs now spawn in accumulated snow & so spawn correctly in snow biomes.
Endermen no longer continue to attack the player after the player respawns.
Charged creepers have the correct size of explosion.
Splash potions no longer being dispensed like eggs instead of thrown potions.
You can now open your inventory using touch while riding horses/donkeys/mules/pigs/boats.
Game no longer crashes when a filled cauldron is moved by a piston.
Import/export function now works with non UTF-8 characters in the file path.
Horses can be dismounted while sneaking.
You can now see the camera shake from damage.
Guardians now spawning correctly inside ocean monuments (fix from Android beta).
TNT minecarts can be detonated by more than just flint & steel.
Hurt sounds have returned!
When you feed ocelots to make baby ocelots, they actually eat the food now (and the amount you feed them is deducted from your stack of food in your inventory).
Clouds no longer flicker when fog updates.
Behavior of activator rails corrected- no longer reversed & interact correctly with hopper minecarts.
If your computer is joined to a domain, you can now log in with a different account (for those of us who play Minecraft at work!)
Fixed crash on player spawn.
Fixed consistency of tipped arrows & healing.
Fixed a crash on Windows Phone (MCPE only).
Shears fixed so you can use them on sheep & mooshroom even when they aren't at full durability.
Fixed untamed horses so you can't accidentally saddle them & lose the saddle.
Fixed a crash with item frames and compass/clocks.
Fixed a crash when selecting a custom skin.
"Saddle up" achievement should work now.
Monster spawners no longer will occasionally spawn mobs in areas that are well-lit (and thus shouldn't be spawning hostile mobs).
Wolves now attack other mobs with the appropriate frequency.
Wither skeletons inflict Wither I effect
Removed the restrict distance from leads but functionality is maintained.
Fixed bugs with fireballs and large fireballs.
Beacon effects no longer disappear when re-entering a world (feedback from Android beta).
Fixed a crash when a player accepted a Realms invite while playing in a world.
TNT Minecart's fuse timing fixed.
Fixed Wither's death animation (feedback from Android beta).
Fixed issue of sheep not always retaining their colors on spawn.
Fixed "Archer" achievement.
Creepers can no longer explode while dying.
Walking up stairs no longer causes suffocation (but you will still hit your head).
Wet sponges and bricks now show up on the furnace UI (MCPE only).
Fixed experience accumulation bug- can't disconnect and reconnect from a world to get back your spent experience point levels.
Elder guardian mining fatigue sound plays (feedback from Android beta).
A player's mining sound is now only audible to the player.
Guardian beam attack sound at appropriate volume now (feedback from Android beta).
Strays again spawn in ice biomes.
Iron Golem damaged fixed to the appropriate amount.
Saddled pigs now drop the saddle when killed.
Dropped items no longer damage farmland (feedback from Android beta).
Inventory no longer lost when language is changed to or from Japanese or Traditional Chinese.


New Features:
Campfire Tales skin pack!
Fixed mirror texture issues.
Small fix to smart turning. (VR only)
Capes no longer clip through armor.
Bug Fixes:
When getting the MINECON 2016 capes, you will now be prompted to make a "free" purchase from your device's store. If you are on Android & it prompts you for a payment, use the code MINECON2016 to get it for free.
Fixed crash when rendering leads in VR. (VR only)
Using the B button to quit the game (when using a controller) now works. (Win 10 only)
Fixed top of cursor flickering in VR. (VR only)
Mouse clicks no longer cause keyboard input to stop. (VR only)
Fixed issue where Minecraft would not shut down completely when launching another app in the Oculus store. (Win 10 Oculus only)
Added in bug fixes for VR that were previously in the 0.16 betas (click here for 0.16 build 1 changelog, click here for 0.16 build 3 changelog.)


New Features:
MINECON 2016 skin pack now available!


New Features:
Fantasy texture pack now available!
Bug Fixes:
Fixed the book on the Enchantro skin's back.
Fixed the textures for the clock, compass, and lily pad in the Plastic and City texture packs.


New Features:
Natural texture pack now available!
Added localization for the Natural texture pack.
Improved some text rendering, spacing and button sizes to accommodate localization.
Updated size and positions for logo and text for better comfort in Rift. (Win 10 only)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed Rift mode crashing on launch in some circumstances. (Win 10 only)
Rowing a boat now works with keyboard in full immersive mode in Rift. (Win 10 only)
You can now buy & extend realms when playing on Win 10 in Rift mode.
Mouse gets correctly captured when you put the Rift headset back on after taking it off. (Win 10 only)
Fixed a crash when a player entered or created any world.
Fixed a crash for some players who weren't signed into Xbox Live.
Fixed some issues with Rift mirror textures for distant water & trees. (Win 10 only)
The game no longer occasionally crashes when it is closed.
Several fixes regarding removing the Rift headset. (Win 10 only)
Pause screen fixed for trial mode. (Win 10 only)
Virtual living room no longer affected by the player falling in the game in Rift. (Win 10 only)
No more black shadow boxes appearing when jumping near hanging blocks in immersive mode on the Rift. (Win 10 only)
Gaze cursor now recenters correctly when looking up or down while dead in Rift. (Win 10 only)
Fixed textures for non-enchanted potions.


FAQ about Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta with Oculus Rift support
Q: I don't have Windows 10- I'm running Windows 7/Windows 8/Linux/OSX. Can I use Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta with Oculus Rift support?
A: You will need to have the Windows 10 operating system running in order to use Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

Q: The Oculus launcher is crashing with the error 0x80070422. What do I do?
A: Make sure you have Windows Update enabled.
Press the Windows key
Type in Services
Scroll down to Windows Update and right-click.
Select Start from the menu.

Q: My Oculus launcher is crashing but it is giving me an exception in ucrtbase.dll.
OR My Oculus launcher is saying that Windows 10, Update 1511 is required. What do I do?
A: This is may be due to a Windows Update either failing or not being applied.
Download & run the official Windows Update Troubleshooter here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/E/7/FE74974A-9029-41A0-9EB2-9CCE3FC20B99/WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab
Press the Windows key.
Type in Check for Updates
Check for and then install any missing Windows Updates
Restart your computer using the Restart option on the Power menu.

Q: The Oculus launcher is telling me that launching Minecraft "failed"?
A: Check to make sure you aren't already running Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. If you are, make sure you close the app first before trying to play it from the Oculus launcher. If you continue to have problems, try running Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta by playing it from the Xbox app. This may give you more insight into why the game won't play.

Q: The Oculus launcher is reporting a signature issue with the 2015.3 x86 redist DLLs.
OR The Oculus launcher is crashing and my primary language files aren't English.
A: Good news- we pushed out a fix that should resolve both of these issues. Just restart your Oculus store and accept the update that you should see waiting for you in Minecraft.

Q: I am seeing strange graphics issues when I try to play the game.
A: Make certain your graphics drivers are up-to-date. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you may need to manually visit the Nvidia website to get the most up-to-date drivers for your graphics card. Download, install the new drivers, and then restart your computer using the restart option from the power menu.

Q: I have dual graphics cards and multiple monitors. I can hear the Minecraft music but Minecraft is stuck on a white screen with 'Please wait'.
A: This may be due to some confusion between your graphics cards regarding HDMI input and the Rift. If you have HDMI inputs going into both cards, unplug the HDMI input that is not associated with the Oculus Rift.

New Features:
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta now has Oculus Rift support!

Better keyboard and mouse support when Oculus Rift is enabled.
Tweaked Windows 10 UI when in Oculus Rift mode for better usability.

Bug Fixes:
Oculus platform launcher updated with localization handling fixes & correct Virtual Studio redistributable packages.
Audio now plays through user's selected audio device.
You can use the "C" button on your keyboard to switch between television mode & immersive mode.
Fixed some localization fonts (all editions).
Fixed a minor crash issue on Gear VR edition.


Minor bug fix


We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta with an update (and new skin pack) for that edition as well as Pocket Edition and Gear VR Edition.
Please note that we are aware of a possible crash when you set your draw distance to maximum on the 32-bit Win 10 edition if you have a discrete graphics card. We're working on it!
New Features:
Villains skin pack!
More localization fixes.
Fixed the HUD moving when riding an animal in VR.
Fixed a few texture issues.
Some tweaks to Gear VR edition performance & experience.
Increased draw distance for Win 10 edition.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed comfort issues caused by rain & snow in your face
Lead lines no longer disconnect from the hand when jumping in Immersive Mode in Gear VR.
Leads now display the correct texture & don't cause crashes in Gear VR.
Fixed a crash on the inventory screen.
Horse container screen now keeps labels visible.
Bone meal and spawn eggs now consumed in Survival mode.
B button to quit from main menu works on Win 10 edition now.
Fixed a crash when creating or entering a new world.
Fixed a crash when traveling the world with render distance set to maximum.
Worlds with UTF-8 symbols in their name are now displayed in the Play tab for Win 10.
Fixed some issues with players creating new realms.

Since now everyone else is also getting the 0.15.3 update that only went out for Google Play in this release, we've included it below for your reference.
Multiplayer invite screen text alignment fixed
Tweaks to moving blocks to make them work better & more consistently
Fixes to horse breeding to make it consistent with other versions
Tweaks to atlas generation
Tweaked some Realms purchase functions
Small tweak to mouse controls
Store screen layout scales better now
Bug Fixes:
Players can now scroll through the list of friends in the Add Realm window using the controller.
Inventory can now be opened when a player mounts a pig or horse/donkey/mule
Zombie pigment spawn with correct textures in desert biomes
Nether brick fence fixed- attaches to cobblestone walls
Fixed issue with friends list being cleared on signing out
Fall damage for horses fixed
Pressing X on the intro page signs the user out
Removed phantom image of the currently equipped block when toggling a daylight sensor
Fixed item duplication on fences bug
Fixed some bugs with pistons (crashing, overwriting, taking power from wrong sources, syncing issues)
Observer block placement fixed
Glass and leaf blocks no longer going invisible when placed next to carpet, pressure plates and accumulated snow.
Fully grown crops now pop out of farmland when cut-off from light.
Fixed position of zombie jockeys
Fixed crash when shooting an arrow from a dispenser at a TNT minecart
Fixed assorted issues causing games to crash


Just smashing bugs with reckless abandon! If you find any, be sure to report them on Jira
Click here to give us feedback & tell us what you think about the update.
Xbox Live sign-in now says that it's free to create an account. (English only)
Tweaked some back-end performance issues.
Bug Fixes:
If your Realm expires, you should now get a screen asking if you want to renew.
Fixed a crash on Android when it sent previous offline data.

For those of you on iOS, we're also including the changelog for 0.15.1 below as it was included in your 0.15.2 release.

Some tweaks to localization.
Tweaked some back-end performance issues.
UI tweaks for different screen sizes.
Strays and husks have names for the death message now.
Back-end fixes to chunk loading & chunk data saving.
Added option to play Realms & multiplayer when not on wi-fi.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with extended pistons being overwritten when a sticky piston pulled another block into the piston.
Fixed the bug a few of you were still experiencing when you walk near a button and get the suffocation overlay.
Fixed spawning in trees in Gear VR.
City texture pack textures for still lava & oak doors fixed.
Fixed splash potions of harming & arrows of harming so they kill mobs.
Fixed trapdoors so they don't harm/push players.
You can access the chat screen while sleeping in a bed again.
Fixed the crash when a player put armor on a horse.
Fixed the teleporting bug if you died while riding a horse.
Fixed players floating on donkeys and mules.
Fixed some issues with pistons not properly pushing or moving items.
"Leave bed" button now working on touch controls.
Fixed some login issues on Android.


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  • 溶岩にアイテムが落ちたときも上に書かれてあるような現象がおきました - 名無しさん 2014-07-12 20:43:35
  • 溶岩で死んだ後、リスタートが奈落の底からとなりどれだけリスタートしても即死、詰みデータと化しました - 名無しさん 2014-07-13 01:23:51
  • アプデしてからワールド開いたら柵で囲って大事に飼ってたピンクの羊が消えていたんだが - 名無しさん 2014-07-14 22:56:32
  • 0.9.2にて、クリエイティブで敵対していないクリーパーに近づいたときにシューシューうるさい。攻撃しない限り爆発はしない - 名無しさん 2014-07-16 22:19:24
  • 開くたび、ブロックが増えたり消えたり、音がサーーーって鳴り続けたりします。 - 名無しさん 2014-07-19 12:08:12
  • 7月16日からアンドロイド端末のデータにiosで - 名無しさん 2014-07-19 22:34:04
  • 急にマルチプレイできなくなった - 名無しさん 2014-07-19 22:35:52
    • アップデートして、通信ができない - 名無しさん 2014-07-22 15:39:29
  • 急にマルチプレイできなくなった - 名無しさん 2014-07-19 22:35:53
  • アップデートのやり方しらない - 名無しさん 2014-07-21 10:28:13