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9 Frequently Asked Questions

1 General

Can I send you email or private message?
You can send it but do not expect an answer. Instead, ask your question on a message board. I expect that someone in the community will know the answer.

2 Game commands

3 Game options

4 Keymappings

5 EQ2UIBuilder

Do you really use this at SOE?
Yes. This is the same tool we use.

What affect does placing pages with in pages?
Sub pages are a good way to group things with tons of great reasons for them and almost as many ways to have things go wrong.

Can you select and move multiple objects?
Yes. Shift + click in the list. Then go click on any in the display.
Shift + arrow will move the item 10 pixels instead of just 1.

Can the tint level of selected objects not overlap?
No. But you can change the opacity in highlight settings.

Can the document text "save often" be updated to read "save very often"?
Report your crashes and other issues. We have become used to many of the quirks of the tool.

Will you ever fix the memory leaks?
Very low priority for the tool. Very high priority for the game client.

6 Dynamic Data

Will EQ2 release a list of current tags?
eq2ui_gamedata.xml is the best place to look for now. Documentation can be added if items need further details.

Will EQ2 add dynamic data for things like buff timers and spell names?
Yes. If we are already displaying the data, feel free to request it as dynamic data.

Can I add data to tables/lists/treeviews?
Not currently.


Can we edit the maps?
Yes. "Left as an exercise for the reader".

8 Fonts

Is there a way to change the font on <blah>?
Yes. Fonts are a little tricky and likely deserve their own how-to-guide. Volunteers?

9 Art

What is a DDS file and how can I edit it?
DDS=DirectDraw Surface and is part of DirectX 9. I'll let an artist jump in and answer with more detail than that. has answers to this one.

How can I change the background color of all the popup widows?
Many windows use the same background art so I suspect it would be a simple skin. There currently isn't a tint option. "Left as an exercise for the reader".

10 Sound

11 Gameplay and Design

Why doesn't the UI show <insert information here>?
Sometimes it feels like every suggestion is user interface related. However, the UI team is often constrained by the design team -- meaning almost everything we do is to support them and not the other way around. Thus many suggestions will fall into this category and the answer will be "by design" or "I'll forward that to design". The underlying philosophy is that we want you to be playing the game, not the use interface.

I want to see how many xp points I have instead of the percentage - can I do this?
"By design". We originally weren't going to put in an experience bar at all...

12 Feature Requests

Is there an autoinventory drop (like the autobank and autoequip)?
Not currently.

Can we make a totally new window that saves its settings?
Not currently.

Does EQ2 have a "notes" window?
Not currently.

Does EQ2 have "tell" windows?
Not currently.

13 Bugs

How is the best way to report a bug?
/bug in game is the recommended way. Quality Assurance gets the reports and confirms the issues before sending them along to us. However, posting on a message boards will help you discover a resolution.

14 Advanced

Will you answer advanced questions?
Normally yes but sometimes I'll only point you down the right path.