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6 Dynamic Data
EverQuest II has tried to make all relevant data available for any window. The system that allows this is called DynamicData. Any widget can be assigned to listen to dynamic data and will automatically update anytime the data changes. The widgets can also filter which types of updates are desired.

For the most recent list of available data see eq2ui_gamedata.xml

The data changes can be visible/not visible, text, color, opacity, progress, and more.

The filters are bitflags indicating the types of updates desired. By default, accept all.
Value Description
0x0000 None
0x0001 Visible/Not visible
0x0002 Text
0x0004 Tooltip
0x0008 Boolean value
0x0010 Floating point value
0x0020 Long value
0x0040 Progress percent
0x0080 Icon
0x0100 Command
0x0200 Enabled/Disabled
0x0400 Color
0x0800 Opacity
0x1000 Event Trigger
0xFFFF All